The promises and prophetic words that God has spoken to us have to become as real in our hearts as they are in His. Using these cards is one way to become familiar with promises and prophetic words that have been spoken over Aglow.

Testimonials from using the cards:

"Last year when I went through treatment for cancer, I put the cards that ministered to me on my refrigerator so I could have a daily reminder. Those cards reminded me to keep the faith and God was faithful to bring me through, healed!" - Gay from Minnesota

"When I start feeling tension in the air, I pull out the Grace cards and read them aloud. Not only does it shift the atmosphere externally, it shifts it internally in me." - Lighthouse leader

"I decided that I would become proactive or a catalyst and do 55 days of prayer with the Aglow Healing Cards on my Facebook page. Each day I wrote a prayer for healing and added an Aglow Healing Card to my post. I prayed every day asking Father for His heart and what illness He wanted to go after. I received one testimony of a back being completely healed. She had spine issues after she had surgery 10 years ago. Today, she is pain free after suffering with pain for 10 years. Praise God." - Angie from Wyoming

"Last fall when we had our retreat, we put a card at every place and prayed that each person would get just what God was saying to them." - Lighthouse leader