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LifeChangers CDs - English

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The LifeChangers CDs are part of a powerful, personal development program designed to help you see yourself as God sees you and experience life from a place of fullness and abundance. If you have walked with the Lord for more than 5 years, begin with GameChangers. If you are relative new in your relationship with the Lord, start in LifeChangers 

Because of the incredible life we found in walking through these two courses, taught by Graham Cooke, we have made it a priority for all Aglow leaders and future leaders to process through this material.  Every Aglow member is encouraged to experience GameChangers/LifeChangers by participating in a group.

Each of the courses contain 5 messages built around the truths of who God has made us to be through Christ.  

Contains 5 powerful sessions, taught by Graham Cooke.

  • Includes a copy of the LifeChangers Manual.

    Enjoy the journey!


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