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True Identity

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Are you searching for a perspective of your identity? Do you know who you are? The need to know who we are is within each of us. True Identity is a personal, and biblical study into the discovery of personal identity. Referencing designer clothing and their "famous maker" labels, Diane Fink makes this great statement: Not a Calvin Klein or an L.A. are a 'G.A.O.' -  a 'God Almighty Original.' We bear the label of the Oroginal Designer! Knowing who we are in the eyes of our Maker is what matters.

Here's what one reader said about the book: I read your book, it was like God's love letter to me. He has rewritten my identity and I love what He says about me!

And from Graham Cooke:

This book enables us to navigate our way into a present-future mindset and lifestyle. Diane takes us on a journey that enables us to understand the development process of growing up into all things in Christ. 

About the Author:  Diane Fink has served on the Aglow International staff since 1988 and is part of the Leadership Team at the Worldwide Headquarters. Diane has served in many roles, currently serving as Director of AIM (Aglow Institute of MInistry), Aglow's online education program. She also serves as Middle East Coordinator, helping to oversee the work of Aglow in that region of the world.

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